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  I believe that tradition and integrity are important ingredients in building. Our work area targets Seattle's original neighborhoods and much of our work consists of restoring and remodeling traditional and older homes. The projects we do of course depends upon the clients needs but we are definitely not structured for low end or cheap quality work.

Often we are given a project that fits a traditional or custom design, where quality workmanship is needed and required. This type of challenge fits our basic outlook. We strive to do the best work possible and take pride in our ability to succeed.

In general we do one project at a time from start to finish. Sub contractors are usually called for the non carpentry and structural tasks such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.

Design is very important. There is really no best design for any project; just good designs and poor designs. Common sense and a visual aesthetic will guide the designer to make the right choices. The bones or shell of a building will last for as long as the structure stands. Making the wise choice is paramount.

Design mistakes include; low ceilings, poor floor plans, low pitched choppy roofs, poor site layout, no roof overhangs and many other sins.

A well designed house or addition will always keep it's value. Traditional styles never go out of fashion and even when in need of repair or fixing these homes can be brought back to life. A poorly designed house on the other hand can be an eyesore on a street and never appreciate or be of full value. Unfortunately many unskilled builders leave beautiful building lots with squatty ugly houses that can never be successfully remodeled.

In an an attractive home cheap trim and old cabinets, outdated baths and kitchens can be redone. But in a ugly structure that looks bad from the street it is hardly ever practical or an option. Good design will always benefit society and add to the beauty of our communities





My Philosophy

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