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''Columbia City Remodel

The clients purchased this unique newer three story house in Seattle's Columbia City Neighborhood. Nestled on a secluded wooded street... an urban retreat with trees and nature. The home had an unfinished basement with nine foot ceilings and plenty of height for windows and light...We hired an architect to design the floor plan with a full livable space to be used as accessory dwelling unit or a airb&b over night stay. A private entrance make this the perfect place to stay.''

''Before...The basement was in disarray...furnace had to be moved to make room for the new floor plan. and windows cut in the walls.''

 ''Exterior...these are photos of the front private entrance and the bedroom egress window enclosure.''

'After...We took these photos after the painting was partially completed...The flow of the floor plan and space is evident here from the front to bedroom and bath beyond.''


  Ballard Basement Remodel



     starting out

  job finished, needs a little clean-up!

                                 close-up detail on book shelves



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