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  Ward was born in and grew up in Minneapolis and traveled widely. He entered the construction field in Hawaii in 1979 and continued working in California as a carpenter before starting his own construction business in Ojai, California. His company, Wilcox Builders completed several major projects including custom homes, apartment buildings and large additions.

His background training was in high end residential framing, remodeling and finish carpentry. In addition, he completed a drafting course as well as taking woodworking classes in California, Canada and Seattle.

In 1997 Ward moved to Seattle and worked with local builders before going into business again for himself. Altogether he has over 27 years of experience in the construction business. Here is Seattle, he has kept his business small usually working on one job at a time.

In 2003 Ward and his wife purchased a home in the Greenwood area of north Seattle. When he is not working for clients he spends his time working on his house and studying woodworking. Recently he designed and built a 600 square foot detached garage which will be a personal and company woodworking and carpentry shop.

For the last 4 years Ward has been actively involved in the Timber Framers Guild of North America; a nonprofit organization which promotes traditional wood building crafts from around the world and hosts community building raising events. The primary focus of the Guilds mission is in reviving and studying traditional joinery for wood construction. This includes the use of hand tools and layout instruments for compound angles to produce exposed building frames of furniture grade quality.

The Wilcox’s have one son who lives in Colorado and is also a carpenter.





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